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WordPress Pro Lightbox allows you to add unlimited lightboxes to your site. Each Lightbox can have unlimited number of elements. Element is a single piece of content you would like to have displayed in a lightbox. It can be image/video/iframe/file/etc. If a lightbox contains more then one element, they are displayed one by one in a lightbox style.


WordPress Pro Lightbox can display images from a lot of different sources. You have some examples below.


With WordPress Pro Lightbox you can decide to put as many images (or other content types) as you want. Below you have an example showing many image from different sources.


With WordPress Pro Lightbox plugin you can open videos from even more places. Check out the examples below.


With WordPress Pro Lightbox plugin you can display the same content either using a link or an iframe code (ie. YouTube). You can also display quite a lot of different content types. Below you can find further examples for using iframe.


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